enestrum specializes in manufacturing these windows and doors:

  • EURO 100 (0,85 w/m2 K);
  • EURO 78 (1,0 w/m2 K),
  • Sliding and other external and internal doors.

Fenestrum timber windows and doors are one of the most modern in Lithuania. You can see the result of our work in luxurious apartment buildings in Vilnius old town, public spaces or even churches and, of course, exclusive individual projects in prestigious districts of Lithuania. Moreover, Fenestrum production has been recognized by property developers and architects from Germany and the UK over the last decade. We are still growing, currently we are penetrating into the ecological market of houses in Norway.


Fenestrum products are on demand because only a high quality certified timber is used for manufacturing. Only ecological and water based raw materials that meet all the environmental requirements are used in the process of manufacturing timber windows, doors and facades, they allow timber window to ‘breathe’. Thus, both processes of manufacturing (it follows an environmentally-friendly principle, sawdust and waste are recycled to briquettes for heating and so on) and products themselves are ecological and harmless to humans or the surrounding environment. Timber windows, doors and facades are soaked in water-based impregnates (they replaced acrylate and alkyd i.e. they became significantly less harmful), primed, painted or varnished with water-based materials. There are no harmful materials in the paint such as formaldehydes.


Having chosen ecological UAB FENESTRUM timber windows and doors, you not only create an undeniable home coziness, luxury and warmth, you also ensure an effective use of energy resources and contribute to energy saving as well as future fostering. Being environmentally friendly, FENETRUM products are also distinguished by a high quality, aesthetics and durability. Most importantly, they are characterized by an especially wide range of design choices, they meet your expectations and recommended thermal and sound insulation indicators in the European spaces.