UAB Fenestrum specializes in manufacturing exclusive timber windows and doors already for a few decades. The company is considered big enough to implement complex individual projects as well as small enough to provide an exceptional care and attention for everybody. Fenestrum offers not only the highest quality products, but also a competitive price as it sells windows and doors without any mediators. Since sales are carried out directly, the company is characterized by a direct and high level of responsibility, warranties. Fenestrum manages the highest quality traditions fostering windowcenter and its staff in Jonava, Lithuania. Even if changes in management have occurred over time, focus on the quality, priceless manufacturing experience as well as professionals remained, and investments to the project management and customer service only increased.


Thus, today Fenestrum is able to carry out individual quality orders of various windows and doors responsively and for a competitive price. Orders include:
Windows for passive houses;

Fenestrum offers a professional and prompt service, a wide range of products, ensures the highest quality of windows and doors as well as their installation work. The company provides consultations, information about the products, their use and maintenance, presents pre-project offers, and provides catalogues or other technical information free of charge. Fenestrum managed windowcenter’s production has so far satisfied thousands of customers, natural persons, legal and state enterprises are among them. Currently, Fenestrum is trusted not only within the borders of Lithuania, the company has been professionally carrying out orders in the UK and Germany since 2007.

Mission – to make a significant contribution to the creation of comfort, exclusivity and economy of home.

Vision – leaders of manufacturing exclusive timber windows and doors in Lithuania and reliable partners throughout Europe.