Being one of the leaders in the market, Fenestrum offers the latest state-of-the-art production, the most innovative timber window and door solutions and the highest quality customer service as well as warranties to our customers. Other than that Fenestrum guarantees a good price since we manufacture and sell our products directly without any mediators.


Our windows are manufactured by a custom order only, therefore a personalized attention allows to achieve the highest standards. From the request of the customer to the delivery of the project, the company takes all the responsibility personally and provides premium-level products. Also, we ensure quality installation work and further service.


Two decades of experience in Lithuania and a close relationship with well-known architects allowed to familiarize with the needs of the customers and provide a product and price which is optimally adjusted for them. A tight competition between Germany and the UK made us to brace ourselves up and install the latest technologies, discover the highest quality materials. Having done that, we had the opportunity to lay our hands on luxurious and unique international projects. Today, we can implement even the most sophisticated projects.