High quality timber windows and doors adds more style, luxury and quality to everyday life. These products let to achieve an eternal aesthetics, the feel of coziness, warmth and naturaleness. Timber windows and doors grants freedom of mind to both exterior and interior designers and architects. Fenestrum is ready to join it’s existing and potential clients in creation of their individual space no matter would it be a luxurious estate, a log sauna, a garden house, a balcony window or maybe even a tenement house.



Fenestrum takes all new projects curiously and unhesitatingly, completes every project with individual approach. This is the reason why the company is consistently improving and growing, but also maintains its permanent interest in their product and international trends. Fenestrum should be chosen as one’s timber window and door manufacturer because of these reasons:

  • Fenestrum does not afraid manufacturing non-standard products because of its’ technician with more than 20 years technological and engineering experience.
  • Fenestrum’s production manager counts more than 25 years working with work organisation in timber window production.
  • Despite few gifted and hardworking beginners most of Fenestrum employees are real professionals in their field working in timber window manufactory most of their lives.
  • Fenestrum optimised and aligned its’ performance in timber window manufactory and the company is working with Weinig 6 production equipment (made in Germany, in year 2007-2008).
  • Despite the production of timber windows Fenestrum also offers to its’ clients designing, measuring and installation services.
  • Fenestrum grants its’ production 5 years of warranty.
  • Fenestrum working not only in local market but also has permanent partners in the United Kingdom, Russian Federation and Germany.