High quality timber windows and doors allow to add more style, subtle luxury and quality to our daily life. They allow to achieve eternal aesthetics, a sense of coziness, warmth and naturalness. Also, they provide exterior and interior designers and architects with an absolute freedom. We are ready to contribute to the creation of your exclusive space, whether it is a mansion or a log sauna, a garden house or a balcony window, or maybe an apartment building.


We accept new projects with curiosity and determination because we implement every one of them individually, and that is what makes us to constantly improve, grow and preserve endless interest in our products as well as international tendencies. Hand your space to us, we can make even an unbelievably-looking idea of windows and doors a reality because:

  • The company is big enough to implement even the most complex projects as well as small enough to personally care for every customer;
  • Fenestrum manufactures such timber windows and doors which are characterized by stylish and luxurious design as well as great technical features, even bulky windows ensure high energy efficiency and surprising thermal resistance;
  • Windowcenter is maximally optimized, it has the latest manufacturing equipment and computerized Weinig 6 (Germany) windows and doors production system;
  • Exclusive timber windows and doors are always manufactured by a custom order, from the formation of vision, individual choice of materials and personalization of other processes, to the handing of keys;
  • Fenetrum products are provided with the highest quality warranty of five years;
  • Manufactured timber windows and doors are one of the most modern in Lithuania;
  • Windows and doors reach the customers directly from the manufacturer, therefore the maximum reliability and a competitive price is achieved;
  • Almost two decades of experience in manufacturing timber windows and doors allow time and quality work to be done, choose the best materials, make optimized decisions and take care of the customer.
  • Only highly qualified and skilled team members work in the company;
  • Fenestrum can be proud of its international recognition, we are cooperating with well-known architects in Germany and the UK.