We devote a special attention not only to the quality of timber doors and windows, but also to exclusive design choices. We can manufacture timber doors and windows in various forms, dimensions and unprecedented constructions. Almost two decades of experience and the latest technologies allows us to offer not only quality and standard, but also unique window and door solutions. Even exclusive bulky constructions made by Fenestrum will preserve a long-lasting quality, ease of use,

Glass roofs and winter gardens

Winter gardens or glass roofs allow to create a natural oasis in your home. They are made from special glazing bars that consist of three or even four glasses. They protect your space from UV rays and excessive heat and preserve it effectively during the winter. These exclusive constructions used for winter gardens and glass roofs are unique because they protect spaces from cold bridges and condensation during winter. Warmth, coziness, effectiveness and naturalness will

Exterior doors

Exterior doors Fenestrum uses only high quality certified timber for manufacturing. Only ecological and water based raw materials that meet all the environmental requirements are used in the process of manufacturing timber windows, doors and facades, they allow timber window to ‘breathe’. Thus, both processes of manufacturing (it follows an environmentally-friendly principle, sawdust and waste are recycled to briquettes for heating and so on) and products themselves are ecological and harmless to humans or the

Sash spring and Sash box windows

PFenestrum also manufactures Sash Spring and Sash Box windows. Based on the latest technologies, safe and exclusive design windows will be suitable for a luxurious, classical style home and heritage site buildings. Most often we export these windows to the UK market, since they are manufactured in accordance with the quality standards and style of this country. Timber Sash spring and Sash box windows are only made by a custom order, they are fitted with

Timber-aluminum windows

Fenestrum is proud to manufacture timber windows with aluminum cladding also known as timber-aluminum windows. Fenestrum timber windows are made with German Roto Frank AG cladding. These claddings allow to manufacture tilt and turn windows with locking throughout the whole perimeter. Timber windows fitted with BUG aluminum cladding from the outside are durable, resistant to the environmental effects and does not require any special maintenance.   These windows and doors are still considered to be

Timber windows Euro 78 and Euro 100

Fenestrum timber windows are manufactured from 78 and 100 mm thickness profiles. Special design timber windows are distinguished by a high quality thermal and sound insulation, safety and the ability to protect from cold bridges and condensation in winter. They also help to maintain humidity balance in the premises throughout the year. Special triple or quadruple glazing of 60 mm thickness can be installed in Euro 100 timber windows. Euro 100 windows heat transfer coefficient

Windows for passive houses

Thanks to the latest technologies and years of work put in manufacturing timber windows and doors, we have created and developed windows for passive houses. Since the purpose of these houses is optimization of energy consumption and preservation of natural resources, timber windows have to contribute to this noble cause.   Window frames for passive houses are filled with special isothermal material, edge joints are extremely well insulated. Windows meet the European Union standards, they