Manufacturing and ordering process

The whole process of ordering and manufacturing timber doors and/or windows is professionally and responsibly monitored by Fenestrum. Decades of experience, skilled employees of the windowcenter and highly qualified managers ensure fluency of complex manufacturing process. Eventually, accuracy of every manufacturing stage is achieved using the most innovative technique and computerized manufacture process system Weinig 6. In order for you to know what you can look forward to, we provide all the information below.  


After the installation of windows and/or doors is done, Fenestrum provides the customer with a brochure where the process of use and maintenance is described thoroughly. We provide our products with a five year warranty. During this time we will remove all the defects that we are responsible for free of charge. In case our specialists identified that defects occurred due to the inappropriate maintenance or exploitation, we will remove them for an additional fee.


When the customer orders timber windows and/or doors, Fenestrum provides designing services free of charge. Our employees arrive to the home or office of the customer, take measurements of window and/or door slots, identify the best installation approach for the products and advice on what materials are the best choice for the window and/or door manufacture. A commercial offer is provided to the customer after the measuring is done. There, the customer sees not only