We devote a special attention not only to the quality of timber doors and windows, but also to exclusive design choices. We can manufacture timber doors and windows in various forms, dimensions and unprecedented constructions. Almost two decades of experience and the latest technologies allows us to offer not only quality and standard, but also unique window and door solutions. Even exclusive bulky constructions made by Fenestrum will preserve a long-lasting quality, ease of use, will be resistant to dampness, air conductive and have a good thermal insulation.


Most often, timber-aluminum facades are chosen for an exceptional architecture. Timber-aluminum system combines the best features of these two materials. Timber is a natural material with thermal and sound insulation features, it provides warmth, coziness and air conductivity for your home. Aluminum is a product of modern high technologies, especially resistant to the outside effects and because of its light weight, aluminum does not load the construction with additional weight. This system is an ideal choice for wide and tall facades. It is suitable for exclusive roof constructions, classic winter gardens and orangeries. The popularity of a timber-aluminum facade system is increasing in the process of implementing contemporary architecture solutions. The system is applied not only to skyscrapers, office centers car dealerships, but also to modern houses, pools and winter gardens


The construction ensures 100% tightness from leakage and the wind. Glazing bars with aluminum clamping profiles are fitted from the outside. Decorative aluminum profiles that can be painted in any color from RAL palette are fitted on top of them. Such a façade system allows to fit glazing bars from 6 to 50 mm thickness. The maximum area of the glazing can be up to 15 m2 and weight up to 700 kg. An opportunity to integrate European balcony doors or windows is also available.


The advantages of a façade system:

  • An opportunity to implement shapes of contemporary design and color solutions;
  • Thin frame construction elements provide the maximum light permeability;
  • The interior is filled with natural and cozy looks of timber;
  • Great indicators of heat preservation are achieved by using contemporary thermal insulation technologies;
  • An opportunity to integrate the façade system into windows, doors or sliding constructions;
  • The costs of external and internal wall finish are reduced significantly by choosing a façade glazing instead of a conventional wall;
  • A good level of sound insulation;
  • Durability and long lasting.




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