Sliding HS and PATIO ALVERSA systems and bifold door



Usually terrace doors are sliding and folding. Bifold doors is often a good choice for a smaller space.


Sliding timber doors can be two types: Patio Alversa doors which pulls out and slides to the side and HS system which just slides to one side. HS system is loved by clients who are looking premium class doors for their terrace.


Sliding HS terrace doors

HS terrace door can be 78mm and 100mm and usually comes in excessively big sizes. Despite the big size HS system is extremely easy operable. All what is needed is to pull down the handle and push the sash to the side. Biggest advantages of HS system are that its threshold can be “sunk” into the floor, extremely easy handling and possibility to have a big opened space with a fully opened sash.



Spacious passage saves the space and let more light into the room. These are main advantages of sliding HS terrace door which allows to open a space up to 5 meters without having any additional columns in it. The width of HS sliding system can be up to 6 meters. The threshold should be “sunk” into the floor for additional comfort. Because of this feature the GU HS sliding system becomes ideal access to a terrace, winter garden or a swimming pool. The HS terrace doors has good warmth isolation. Fenestrum uses German GU (Gretsch-Unitas) hardware which let to have a perfect sliding even for 300 kg weight sash.


Main features of sliding HS terrace doors

  • A very convenient to use terrace door.
  • High-quality timber: finger-jointed or solid pine, oak, redwood, larch or other exotic timber.
  • The terrace door threshold is fully isolated and immune to corrosion.
  • The terrace door is perfectly stable even in conditions of extreme wind or crosswind.
  • Long lasting German GU hardware made from stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Wide variety of Teknos coatings.
  • Compared to other terrace door systems the GU HS is the most durable one.


Sliding HS terrace doors covered with aluminium

Sliding HS terrace doors can be covered with aluminium from the outside to serve more than a few decades. The aluminium profiles protect wood from natural devotion and harmful environmental impact, such as ultraviolet rays, rain, wind, cold etc. so there would be no need to worry about restoration. If aluminium is damaged it is very easy cover the scratches using special materials which Fenestrum would recommend for its clients if the need will occur. The aluminium covers can be painted in any colour from the RAL pallet.


Sliding terrace door PATIO ALVERSA

The main element of Patio Alversa sliding terrace door is removable-sliding sash. It is innovative technology which allow to save more space in the room and giving the cosy and modern look for the interior.  Most often Patio Alversa is used as an entrance to a terrace or backyard. It is amazingly easy and comfortable to use Patio Alversa. Firstly, with the turn of the switch the sash goes out and then with the help of special rails is pulled to the side behind the stationary part of the construction. While closed the sash will be tightly sealed without additional effort. The main feature of the Patio Alversa is easy and comfortable opening with the sash up to 200 kg weight. Other features of Patio Alversa system are below:

  • Superior warmth isolation (much better than GU HS sliding terrace door has).
  • Good sealing from the humidity and dust.
  • Longevity.
  • Convenient to use (but not as convenient as GU HS sliding terrace door).
  • Reliable Roto Frank AG German hardware.
  • Can save up inner room’s space.
  • Ensures the optimal ventilation.


Patio Alversa system can be manufactured in 78mm and 100mm thickness depends on warmth isolation features that are required. Also, Patio Alversa can be covered with aluminium profiles for greater immunity to environmental impact.



Timber bifold-type door

Fenestrum timber bifold-type door is a modern and progressive choice. Most often bifold door is a choice of small spaces or places where is a need to have a big open space. This type of door not only let to have a beautiful panorama but also looks stylish when closed.


In bifold door sashes are folding together and pushed aside with the help of small wheels and special bearings. Thank to modern nowadays technology the sashes move smooth and silent, so it is very comfortable to operate even heavy and large door. Bifold door is universal and reliable so are using not only in private properties but also in restaurants, hotels, SPA centres etc.