Timber entrance doors

Most often entrance doors in Europe are economical, durable, and beautiful. It can be classic, modern, or even exclusive design. Timber entrance doors usually are made from glued fingered pine beams and oak, but sometimes Fenestrum uses other timber such as meranti, eucalyptus etc.


Fenestrum produces timber entrance doors in 78mm and 100mm. 78mm timber entrance door is most popular choice in Europe and Lithuania because of its price/value ratio and 100mm door has better warmth isolation qualities. Those usually becomes a choice of passive house holders.


78mm and 100mm timber entrance doors

78mm framed timber entrance doors fit not only private properties but also offices, restaurants, and shops. This door usually comes with 38mm plain filling, filling made from timber, stabilised plywood filling or 40mm glaze. 78mm timber entrance door has two sealings meanwhile 100mm door has three sealings. 100mm timber entrance door also comes with 60mm fillings or 56mm glaze, so it has better warmth isolation qualities than 78mm timber entrance door.


Both 78mm and 100mm entrance doors can be covered with aluminium profiles, but this decision must be made considering with the design as it not always looks beautiful.


Fenestrum produces only framed timber entrance doors. This type of door is manufactured using glued timber beams with glaze or filling inside the frame. The entrance door can have a hardwood (covered with aluminium) or aluminium threshold. Framed timber entrance door is probably most popular choice both in Lithuania and Europe because of possibility to create wanted design and reach A energy efficiency class for a reasonable price.


Framed 78mm and 100mm timber entrance door features: 

  • Warm and long-lasting timber entrance door.
  • 78mm and 100mm timber entrance door is made from 3- or 4-layer glued timber beam.
  • Different types of timber can be chosen glued pine, oak, redwood, larch and etc.
  • High quality sealing made from silicone – elastic and resistant to temperature changes.
  • Aluminium cover with a plastic insert has good warmth isolation features and does not wear out.
  • Also can be chosen hardwood treshold.
  • Hardware from Roto Frank AG made from galvanised stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Wide variety of Teknos coatings.


Casement type timber door for Great Britain market

Despite framed timber entrance door for European market Fenestrum also manufactures casement type doors for the market of the United Kingdom. This type doors usually comes with IPA hardware and 24mm glaze or filling. Often clients from the United Kingdom wishes to have beautiful stained glass in the glaze, a post box or knockers which can be seen in the photos above.