Fenestrum can offer its clients quite unique product – timber window edgings and slope decorations. Usually while speaking with clients about window edgings Fenestrum is asked just to take four painted planks and nail down them around the window but Fenestrum manufactures the edgings in a different way.



A timber edging is technologically complex product manufactured to be neatly installed around the window without using a single nail. On one side of the edging Fenestrum mills grooves, on another side Fenestrum makes rises and they merge with a silicone. When silicone dries out the edging adheres firmly to the wall and does not fall. The edgings can be used both inside and outside the house.



Another product that often comes with timber edgings is a slope decoration. It is manufactured in the same way as the timber window edgings which connects one with another like “Lego” bricks.



While using window edgings and slope decorations together the timber window get’s a timber “garment” which perfectly matches the exterior of homesteads or rural tourism objects.