Fenestrum is proud for its timber windows covered with aluminium, also called timber-aluminium windows. Windows that can be covered with aluminium covers are:

  • 78mm window.
  • 100mm window.
  • HS system terrace door.
  • Patio Alversa system terrace door.
  • Timber entrance door.

Fenestrum chooses to cover its’ products with BUG aluminium profiles which are exceptionally durable, immune to aggressive environmental impact (sun heat, extreme cold etc.) and are easy to care. If client insists Fenestrum also can choose another aluminium cover system – Guttmann, but clients should warn about this wish before the production.


Timber windows covered with aluminium profiles are one of best choices client can made. Even if aluminium covers are more expensive this long-term investment will pay off.

Aluminium covers withstand all environmental impact. The polyamide layer between timber and aluminium cover does not let windows to freeze during the winter and decreases the pressure which occurs because of different timber and aluminium expansion coefficient. Such window frame is made from timber and because of aluminium cover the timber has no contact with snow, rain, dust, or dirt. It become immune to temperature changes. Because of special aluminium cover fastening to the timber the frame can “breathe” and it let the timber to remain in excellent condition. Timber windows covered with aluminium can last up to 70 years and even longer.

Aluminium covers can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette.