The whole process of ordering and manufacturing timber doors and/or windows is professionally and responsibly monitored by Fenestrum. Decades of experience, skilled employees of the windowcenter and highly qualified managers ensure fluency of complex manufacturing process. Eventually, accuracy of every manufacturing stage is achieved using the most innovative technique and computerized manufacture process system Weinig 6. In order for you to know what you can look forward to, we provide all the information below.


Ordering process:

  1. Either the architect provides the specifications of necessary windows or the customer submits an inquiry;
  2. Timber window and/or door profiles, opening and closing system, glazing, hardware is chosen accordingly and decision is made on the paint and aluminum cladding;
  3. Eventually, the installation technology is chosen;
  4. The customer is provided with a commercial offer.


Manufacturing process:

  1. When the customer approves of an offer received, Fenestrum arrives to the object and clarifies the bulk of windows, then prepares the order agreement;
  2. When the agreement is signed and an advance payment is received, specifications of windows and/or doors are arranged with the customer, materials: glued veneer lumber, glazing, paints and hardware are ordered;
  3. Parts of timber doors and/or windows are made from glued veneer lumber from which frames are glued later;
  4. Glued window and/or door frames are pained with the color of your choosing or coated with colored priming and varnished. When painting, the products are impregnated, when dry – polished, then coated with priming and, eventually, paint. When varnishing, the products are impregnated, then dried, polished, coated with a transparent or colored priming and varnished twice. Then waiting for the paint and varnish to dry completely;
  5. Painted or varnished timber doors and/or windows are cladded with hardware: individually chosen handles, panels and so on. It is done according to the opening scheme approved by the customer;
  6. In the last stage, timber windows and/or doors are glazed their quality audit is conducted and they are prepared for installation;
  7. After the installation, the result is assessed by the construction and maintenance specialists;
  8. When quality is approved, the provisional acceptance certificate is signed;
  9. The customer is provided with a window and/or door maintenance card and a warranty.