Timber doors and their manufacturing

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Timber doors for the interior or exterior. Manufacture of timber doors according to your needs and wishes. Timber doors manufactured by Fenestrum are sold directly to the customers. It ensures competitive prices. We offer a wide choice of timber doors, from traditional to sliding.

External doors

Only high quality certified timber is used for manufacturing timber doors. Only ecological and water based raw materials that meet all the environmental requirements are used in the process of manufacturing timber windows, doors and facades, they allow timber window to “breathe”. Thus, both processes of manufacturing (it follows an environmentally-friendly principle, sawdust and waste are recycled to briquettes for heating and so on) and products themselves are ecological and harmless to humans or the surrounding environment. More information about timber doors…

Sliding doors

Sliding doors come in two types: patio terrace doors or HS system type terrace doors.

Quality doors is the face of a home or an office

Door is the first object in your home or office which welcomes the visiting guests. It forms the first impression about the home. Guests are come and go through the door, therefore it is necessary to choose the right door which matches the environment. Timber doors not only look aesthetically, but also provides coziness and shows an exquisite taste of the owner. They also are durable, safe and long lasting. Quality doors is the face and safety of your home, therefore having invested a little time in the search and choice of the best solution, you will never be sorry.

Why timber doors?

In the world of hustle and technology, a properly set up home or office can become an oasis where you can take a break from stress or work productively. Here, the environment and its set up means a lot. Most often, timber doors is the right choice to make if one is trying to create a good microclimate and increase the value of premises. Doors made of wood look aesthetic and solid, they are environmentally friendly as well. Even international organizations of environmental protection encouraging to save the environment recommend choosing only timber doors since they are made from natural materials.

Not so long ago, a considerable amount of people in the country were impressed by plastic doors and windows, however, little by little we are going back to naturalness and quality since the purchase of timber door is not only an investment to the elements of home interior, but also to the health and environment. In the age of high technology, naturalness became a sign of luxury and good taste. Timber doors will match to timber windows, interior and exterior wooden furniture, wooden floor and other details perfectly.

Timber doors are made from natural materials i.e. timber, therefore it is an ecological product. Timber is characterized by good thermal insulation features, it also insulates sound fairly well. Due to the technology used in manufacturing, doors made of wood ‘breathe’. It does not allow excessive moisture to accumulate. Moreover, doors made of wood are resistant to deformations caused by sudden temperature changes, they are also safe and durable as well as last for a long time.

Manufacture of timber doors

The construction of timber doors consists of two main elements: casing and panel. The panel is a part of door that opens and is attached to the casing by hinges.The door also known as door block consists of casing, panel and other elements such as hinges, lock, edgings and others. In order to submit your order, you have to know the dimensions of the door you want, choose the timber, hardware, door finish and other components. It is a process that requires a lot of attention, therefore we always recommend consulting with UAB Fenestrum specialists who will help to make your vision a reality, calculate the costs of the door you want and hand your order to manufacture properly. You should not hesitate to ask questions you care about during consultations. Highly qualified specialists are always ready to answer them.

Timber is a natural material. Therefore, you will not be disappointed with a timber door. The manufacturing technology ensures that doors as well as windows ‘breathe’. Because of this feature the air circulates within the premises even without opening doors or windows. We provide our customers with an opportunity to choose various kinds of timber. Only certified timber is used in the process of manufacturing. FSC certificate confirms that the timber used in manufacture comes from the forests where the principles of sustainable development are followed. In addition, the certificate ensures that the impurities from uncertified forests are not a part of our products. FSC is not an ecological certificate, it is a sign of good and responsible forestry. FSC ensures the incorporation of all the interested parties to the process of forest management, guarantees biological variety protection and the support of forest ecological sustainability. Therefore, you can be sure that having chosen timber doors with FSC certificate, you contribute to the saving of natural forest resources and support responsible forestry.

Quality and good-looking hardware used in manufacturing timber doors is none the less important than the base materials i.e. the choice of timber. Hardware from various manufacturers is used in the process of making timber doors, however, Fenestrum offers only the highest quality production. Here, you can choose from such brands as G-U Roto Frank and Pickard Hardware.

Doors manufactured by our company are sold directly to the customers. It ensures competitive prices. Moreover, high technical standards are always maintained. A lot of attention is dedicated to the finish and quality of the products. Our equipment allows to manufacture ornaments in all shapes and sizes, therefore even the most pretentious design solutions are possible.

Maintenance of timber doors

Maintenance of timber doors is not very complicated. Dust and small scuffs on the surface can be removed by cleaning it with a damp cloth, household cleaners can be used to remove more extensive dirt, however, if the dirt is extremely high i.e. finger print marks or grease, then it is recommended to use specialized furniture cleaning materials. It is necessary to avoid cleaners with abrasive particles. Solvents, strong detergents and chemicals also cannot be used as they can cause a lot of damage to the surface. Visible damage in the finish of the door surface must be removed immediately. This way you will guarantee that your timber doors will last for a long time.

Exclusive quality for a competitive price

UAB Fenestrum offers an exclusive quality timber doors for a competitive price. Our products are only custom made, therefore the customer talks with our specialist directly. It ensures that the customer’s expectations are met at the best of our abilities. Almost two decades of experience in manufacturing timber doors and windows, cooperation with foreign companies ensures smooth implementation of even the most complex orders.

We are always trying to improve, keep our interest in the latest technologies, develop technological processes and raise qualification of the staff. Constant investments to quality assurance and technologies allows to offer the most modern solutions to the market. Responsible attitude towards work determines international trust. We operate in Germany and the UK where our customers are satisfied with the quality and price we offer.

How to choose hinges and handles for timber doors?

Classic style timber doors usually are manufactured and installed in such a way that the hinges would be visible. Such a solution basically suits every interior and provides it with solidity. Of course, if the interior is especially modern, all the hinges can be hidden. Exterior doors are equipped with hinges especially for them. Hinges come in various colors and can be exquisitely designed. When making a decision, you should look for the best options for your home or office.

In order to create a harmonious interior, it is recommended to match the door handles to others. You will not make a mistake if you choose the same handles for your timber doors, windows and various cabinets. Since there is a wide range of styles and shapes, try to match them to the general atmosphere of your home.

The choice of both handles and hinges should be determined by quality. Quality hinges and handles ensure durability and safety, therefore you should not be saving money in this case. You will not make a mistake choosing classic timber doors.

If you are still in doubt about what doors to choose, you will never make a mistake choosing classic options since they are suitable for both classic and modern interior. Usually, classic timber doors are made from wood. Such doors look luxurious, have better sound insulation and allows to implement more pretentious décor elements. In addition, classic timber doors perfectly match to other parts of the interior such as furniture, curtains and cabinets. You will not get “bored” of such a door, they help in creating a cozy and pleasant home environment.

What determines the price of timber doors?

The prices of timber doors can be fairly different. The price depends on the choice of timber, dimensions, installation and finish. Timber doors are made by individual orders. The more complex, pretentious or exquisite the solution is, the more price of timber door increases. Classic standard variants are usually cheaper. This rule applies to the dimensions of the door as well. If you need a door with standard dimensions, it is usually cheaper in comparison with unstandardized dimension options. The price also depends on the type and model of the door. For example, the prices of classic sliding and opening doors are different.

When making a decision on what doors to choose, it should not be forgotten that quality timber doors are very robust and they will last for more than one decade. Therefore, an investment to quality timer doors is a long-term one. Timber doors can be restored fairly easily providing them with a different color or changing some elements of the finish. That is why you can always restore easily.

What is the difference between framed and frameless doors?

Framed timber doors are such doors when the frame and the door itself are made from wood. The frame is always visible clearly and the decorative elements are emphasized in such doors. Framed construction is strengthened for the exterior doors to ensure the necessary durability and sound insulation. The construction of framed timber doors gives freedom to decorating. For example, such doors can be glazed easily. Framed exterior door solutions are long lasting and reliable. Materials and technologies used ensure long exploitation of doors. In addition, framed doors can be maintained and repaired easily. They are cheaper than panel doors.

Frameless timber doors are also known as panel timber doors. Frameless doors consist of framework construction which is heated from the inside on demand. Door panels are mounted on the framework. Frameless timber doors can protect from cold and noise perfectly, therefore it is a suitable solution for the exterior doors. Thermal and noise insulation features depend on the filling on the inside of the door. Frameless timber doors can be glazed with an impact resistant glass as well. Frameless timber doors are robust, safe and resistant to various deformations. When materials and approach to its treating is chosen properly, doors become resistant to snow, cold, humidity, UV rays and other environmental effects.

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